Guildford Borough Council passes Local Plan

The extraordinary meeting of Guildford Borough Council held Thursday 25th April 2019 approved the controversial Local Plan which sets the context for planning policy and development over the next 30 years. Locally the plan identifies sites at Gosden Hill, Burnt Common, Garlicks Arch, including the new slip roads to the A3, and Wisley Airfield as potential sites for development. These are now subject to developers bring forward proposals for planning permission. Such permission however will be guided by the policies adopted in the Plan.

After attempts to delay the adoption of the Plan until after the local elections on 2nd May were voted down the Plan was passed by 28 votes to 23 with 4 abstentions. Local Clandon Councillors Jenny Wick and Matthew Sarti crossed party lines to vote against. They were joined by Green Belt Group Councillor David Reeve.


26 Apr 19