Headlines from the July Meeting of West Clandon Parish Council

Neighbourhood Plan
Over the summer we are commissioning an Area Character Appraisal of West Clandon which will help provide the evidence we need to protect the rural character of the village and define the views and green spaces around the village we wish to preserve. The planning process received a significant boost when we were recently awarded a £4,600 government grant to help cover our costs. Following the success of the drop-in session in the Poppy Room last month we will be holding another exhibition in early September giving residents an opportunity to comment before the Character Appraisal is finalised. More details will be published nearer the event.

Garlicks Arch
Most people will be aware that the developers at Garlicks Arch are planning a series of presentations on their proposals over the next few weeks. The West Clandon event will be in the Royal British Legion on Tuesday 23rd July from 4.00-8.00pm. You can see more detail of the proposals on our website at
http://www.westclandon.org.uk/docs/19_S_00002-SCOPING_REQUEST-1304165.pdf. Parish Councillors will be meeting Garlicks Arch representatives in early August and have invited them to attend the next Parish Council meeting on 11th September to give the public another opportunity to explore the issues raised.

Recreation Ground
Although the Recreation Ground and the Children’s Play area are in pretty good condition, we are aware that the toddler’s play equipment is beginning to look a little tired. Some minor vandalism on the site has not helped. Its early days but we are looking seriously at replacing the equipment and renewing the fencing. As this will be an expensive undertaking we will need to secure grant support meaning if we are successful the work is most likely to be progressed in 2020/21.

Meadlowlands & Waterfields
We have received comments from residents concerned that children on skateboards, bikes and scooters are emerging at speed from blind turnings directly into the path of passing traffic presenting a danger to both themselves and others. We have taken this up with Surrey County Council in an effort to secure improved signage but to no avail. Parents should at least be aware of the danger and impress the need for caution on their children ensuring they are properly supervised where this is appropriate.

The Parish is commissioning some additional mid-season clearance work on sections of the old carriage drive, the link to Lime Grove, across Clandon Regis and the Clandon Park Estate and the link from Shere Rd up towards the downs. At this time of year it is difficult to keep the entire network completely clear but this should help keep the whole network open for business.

New Councillor
Finally a warm welcome to Anne Dickinson of The Street, West Clandon who has been co-opted to the vacant position on our new eight-person council. We are now up to full strength and ready to do what we can in what promises to be an interesting year ahead.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday 11th September 2019 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall. All interested residents are invited to attend.


John Stone, Parish Clerk

01483 385187