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Revised Stable Conversion Plans Rejected (2/4/18)

Safety and Surface Improvements on Clandon Rd (28/3/18)

Appeal allows 300 houses on Green Belt (27/3/18)

Local Plan Inspection question published (27/3/18)

Parish Council objects to proposals for stables off Dedswell Drive (28/3/18)

Parish Council comments on A3 Wisley junction proposals (7/3/18)

Headlines from March 18 Parish Council (18/3/18)

UK Power networks sever weather advice

Headlines from the Feb 18 Parish Council meeting (14/2/18)

Affinity Water warn of water shortages

Sewage Spill between East and West Clandon

Gas Works on the Street (9/1/18)

Mayor Award for Service to the Community- nominations invited (12/1/18)

Park Restoration Architects announced (9/1/18)

Headlines from the Dec Parish Council meeting (23/12/17)

Permission for Stable Conversion Refused (11/10/17)

Imaging Cameras available for loan (6/10/17)

Headlines from the November Parish Council Meeting (4/12/17)

Headlines from the October Parish Council (14/10/17)

Headlines from Sept Parish Council Meeting (28/9/17)

Traffic Prohibition on the Street (28/9/17)

Council responds to Local Plan Consultation (24/7/17)

Headlines from July Parish Council Meeting

GRA review of Housing Projections (22/7/17)

Guildford Local Plan Consultation, West Clandon Response- (14/7/17)

Clandon Society Subscriptions now due.(18/6/17) 

Local Plan published for consultation (23/6/17)

Resurfacing at Clandon Cross Rd delayed to 26th June (11/6/17)

Artists, Arboriculturists, Geography Teachers wanted for Clandon Park Education Programme (23/6/17) publishes update of  Local Plan(10/4/17)

Inspector give go-ahead for pay and display at Newlands Corner

meeting on Traffic Calming in West Clandon (16/2/17)

Guildford publishes revised timetable for Local Plan (15/2/17)

Council vacancy (25/1/17)

SCC approve funding for W Clandon Traffic Calming (15/12/16)

Consultation on Wisley Junction upgrade starts 5th Dec (25/11/16) on Village Hall Car Park now complete (22/7/16)Sept Parish Council Report (1/9/16)

England responds to Parish Council proposals for A247 (22/07/16)

Local Plan resources for residents making a response:
- Template from Protect Clandon: possible areas for objection
- Notes for Guidance
- Parish Council Response (8/7/16)
- More information on how to respond from the Guildford Planning Website

Surrey County Council publishes response to W Clandon petition (5/7/16)

Parish Council and Clandon Society hold joint meeting on Local Plan (02/7/16)

Surrey Community Housing undertakes survey on West Clandon Housing Need (30/06/16)

Guildford Borough Council approves draft Local Plan for Public consultation (25/05/16)

New Burnt Common Site added to Local Plan/Parish Council objects to Gosden Hill (22/5/16)

Surrey County Council advice on speed limits in Clandon (22/5/16)

Clandon Park development still promoted (9/5/16) 

Guildford Borough Council publishes updated Draft Local Plan (5/4/16)

Parish Council Chairman's Report (10/4/16)

Parish Council secures funding for Village Hall Car Park extension (13/02/16)

Guildford Councillors address Parish Council on Local Plan (23/01/16)

Parish Council gives go-ahead to Vehicle Activated Sign on the Street (23/01/16)

Consultation meetings on Play Trails proposed for Newlands Corner (4/2/16)

Surrey launches consultation on proposed changes to local bus services (23/1/16) 

Parish Council Objects to proposed developments at Newlands Corner (22/11/15)

New options for kids at West Clandon Playground (26/10/15)

Clandon School consults on shift to Primary status (5/10/15)

Final Strategic Housing Market Assessment published (3/10/15)

Parish Council opposes new proposals at Drift Golf Club (29/0915)

Clandon Park Manager Addresses Village Meeting (20/7/15)

Clandon Park Rebuilding 'Hopeful' (20/6/15)

Guildford Council Elections imply  business as usual on Local Plan(11/5/15)

Parish Council host meeting on Clandon Park, 8.00pm Wed 8th July (6/6/15)

Trust to organise public meeting on future of Clandon Park(26/5/15)

Clandon Park hit by major fire (29/4/15)

Parish Councillors elected unopposed (11/4/15)

Burpham consults on Neighbourhood Plan (23/3/15)

Vodaphone consults on 4G upgrade at Burnt Common (7/3/15)

Knockers on the Prowl (1/3/15)

Guildford responds on Local Plan issues (25/02/15)

Reports of Major Development proposal at Clandon Estate (23/02/15)

League Football returns to West Clandon Rec (15/2/15)

Parish Precept Set for 2015/16 (15/2/15)

Guildford seeks views on decision making (9/2/15)

Clandon School consults on new admissions criteria (10/01/15)

Guildford publishes revised Housing Assessment (21/12/14)

Parish Council responds to Local Transport Review (6/12/14)

Draft Local Plan to be' reassessed' (24/11/14)

Playground Equipment your views invited (24/11/14)

W Clandon Parish Council Chair joins Guildford Borough Executive (7/11/14)

Parish Council opposes proposed development at Drift Golf Club (30/10/14)

Guildford publishes feedback on Local Plan Consultation (28/10/14)

Surrey consults on changes to Local Transport subsidies (12/10/14)

Surrey County Council opposes development at Cuckoo Farm (22/9/14)
-article from Surrey Ad

Parish Council objects to development at Gosden Hill (21/9/14)

Clandon Society responds on Local Plan (21/9/14)

Parish Council responds to Local Plan Consultation (5/9/14)

Parish Council Host site visit to Cuckoo Farm

County Councillor calls for alternative School sites to be considered (31/7/14)

Protect Clandon publishes Newsletter No2 (30/7/14)

Councils offer funding for local projects

Parish Council Objects to School Proposals (6/6/14)

Guildford Executive recommend Draft Plan for consultation (5/6/14)

Why Clandon? – more details emerge on School proposals (3/6/14)

Clandon Society published advice ahead of crucial Council meeting (19/6/14)

Clandon Society publishes advice for letter to MPs (13/6/14)

Clandon Society "Protect Clandon" call (10/6/14)

Guildford Society uncovers 'flaw in housing number' (3/6/14)

Clandon Society urges members to 'Protect Clandon' (29/5/14)

Local Plan proposed new secondary school for West Clandon

Guildford Scrutiny Committee consider Draft Local Plan

More Trucks heading for Clandon?

Parish Council Chairman reports on 2013/14

More details emerge on plans for Gosden Hill

Guildford Residents Assocation campaigns for reduced housing development

Meadowlands extension gives priority to local residents

Parish Council discusses Strategic Housing Market Assessment

-Read the Council's response


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